Friday, 20 April 2018

Castle Crag

Finally some warmer weather has arrived so it's ime to put Jeff's fitness to the test. Before everywhere gets crawling with tourists we are going to head into Borrowdale. A bit of a trip down memory lane for me as Castle Crag was a frequent fell of my youth.

We are very lucky to have friends in Grange who are very happy to provide us with all day parking, so we start from there and follow the Allerdale Ramble along Broadslack Gill

A nice way to warm up and get the legs going before the short, sharp climb

Breeze's legs go at about 10 x the rate of ours

She's back and forth and round and round non stop

As we make our way up Castle Crag

It's a steep little fell

With spectacular views across Borrowdale

And across Keswick and Derwentwater to Skiddaw

We had the summit to ourselves - not something that will be very easy to achieve in the coming months

Then we head down the way we came up - Breeze has to stay close as she was creating landslides whilst free running and there were other people on their way up, didn't think they would be too impressed to get buried in slate!

Back on the level and Jeff is feeling OK, so we head on to Seatoller

All that charging around on the slate in dry conditions has caused the usual problems with Breeze's feet - I was kicking myself for not realising and putting her boots on sooner, but thankfully I was carrying them so she had the front ones on for the rest of the day. They don't slow her down one bit. Castle Crag is the rugged bit in the middle behind Breeze.

Or stop her doing anything

Breeze and Jeff have a discussion as to which way to go from here. Jeff wins and we head down towards Seatoller. Breeze was just eyeing up Great Gable!

Spring is further ahead in the valley

A carpet of Celandines as we enter Johnny Wood

Scrambling round the bank as we approach the Youth Hostel

She can't resist a bench

Sorry Breeze, you'll have to sit on the floor, we're having a coffee.

Herdy Lambing is in full swing

Time for a swim in Gowder Dub before the gentle stretch back into Grange
Today feels like a major turning point. The first real spring day and a proper little fell walk. 7 miles, most of them fairly easy but a nice bit of a climb in the middle. That is some achievement for someone who was so very poorly 4 or 5 months ago.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Walla Crag and Great Wood

Something very rare happened today - we had a walk in the heart of tourist land!
We needed to be in Keswick this morning and as it was looking like an OK sort of day weatherwise. So armed with some info from a neighbour of a cheeky little parking spot that no-one seems to use we set off up Walla Crag

Across to Skiddaw

And Blencathra away on the right

Looking across Keswick, Bass lake in the distance

Sychronised action

Happy Puppy. It was her birthday yesterday - 6 years old. She still behave like a puppy.

Up on Walla Crag

Heading down to Cat Gill where Jeff discovered that his insides are still very sore and jarring himself down steep rocky paths was somewhat uncomfortable. 

Breeze on the other hand was quite happy to go up and down countless times

We're on to better ground now so Jeff is more comfortable. Breeze stops for a quick pose

A fly past of an Airbus A400M Atlas - the last time we had a fly past by one of these was on Shetland last May!

A gentle ramble back towards our parking spot

Mucky Pup

Derwent Water

Quick dip to wash the worst off
A lovely 3.25 Miles and although we saw more people than we would normally, they were all very sociable and mainly going in the other direction to us which is always a bonus!
Thanks for the tip Sarah, next time you want to park there you might find a Toyota in the way!!