Monday, 20 November 2017

Short Interlude

We have some very big bridges to cross so it is unlikely that I will be posting anything new for the foreseeable future, so here's a couple of pics from a short dog walk on morning last week

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Round Sheffield PIke

We planned to do a walk involving Sheffield Pike, but other than our parking place, we hadn't really got any fixed idea what the route would be

Ullswater from the way up to Seldom Seen

We stood by the cottages for quite a while watching 3 reds chasing each other away from a feeder

Seldom Seen

If you look closely there are 2 reds in this picture. One on a branch immediately above the apex of the roof and the other, flashing it's white belly on the wall by the trunk of the tree

On with the walk - the hanging valley of Glencoyne is just out of view

Onwards and upwards. It's been a while since Jay has joined us for a walk but today at last we have found a date which suits us all!

Into the hanging valley

Looking back down into the valley as we make our way up the side of Sheffield Pike. By now we had made our minds up that our decent would be along the balcony path on the other side of the valley

Until we got to Nick Head when we had a sudden change of mind and went down to Greenside mines instead

we'd had 3 Squirrels at Seldom Seen and now we had 3  (noisy) Grouse at Greenside

This contrail caught my eye

Looking down Glenridding beck to the village

Lunch on the way down

We joined the newly named Ullswater Way to follow the lake shore back to the car. 

Time for a quick swim - this is the very spot where Breeze learnt to swim a little over 5 years ago!

A very smart new bridge on the newly named path. Which leads us nicely back to the car
Just short of 6.5 miles and back to the car with the whole afternoon to do other things!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Good Old Gowbarrow

We are trying to get out as much as we can at the moment but with things to do this afternoon we decided to give Gowbarrow a visit this morning. A lovely little fell, close to home but also handy to pop straight into Penrith afterwards if we are cutting it a bit fine.

Blencathra catches the sun in the distance

Approaching the summit

Puppy Love

Breeze can't bare to look at my trousers!

This path now forms part of the new Ullswater Way. Great for tourism, but I am afraid the path has suffered badly as a result. it is badly in need of repair. Being antisocial, this will also have made this area even more popular than it was before, so the days of quiet walks around here are probably over

We had gone past the bench as there was someone on it, but they left just as we were looking for an alternative spot for our lunch. Breeze didn't hesitate to lay claim to it, her Dad is coming back to join us too. It is her favourite bench after all

Time to go - not that way Breeze

One last pose on Her Seat

A small herd of Fell ponies have taken up residence in the field opposite the car park.
The day was getting better and better and in a way it was a shame we had done it this morning not this afternoon. That said, we had managed a lovely 4.5 miles and for the first half, seen very few people. The lakeside path and wood around Aira Force were incredibly busy though. We can only assume it is still half term somewhere!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Seeing people whinging about all their little problems on something like a blog does nothing for me so I am not about to join in. We all have difficult times, that's life. Just believe me when I tell you that at the moment, we feel we have the right to do just what the heck we like.
Wednesday morning is normally pilates with our friend and instructor Fi. It has done us both no end of good for a number of years now and we do our best not to miss any sessions. Today was different.

We walk in this valley all the time, rarely taking pictures. Today I took just a few whilst we had a quick coffee in the sheepfold which we made the turning point on our walk. An hour out and an hour back.

Through the square window

erm, excuse me?

A spaniel with a wiggly bottom admiring the view

Our cafe as we set off back the way we came

Driving home after a very therapeutic couple of hours in one of our favourite places
So Fi, we are really sorry we missed class this week, but we know you understand and we'll see you next week ;-)

Friday, 27 October 2017

Great Lingy and High Pike from Caldback Common

The best autumn day this year so far sees us back in familiar territory again. We have a rough plan of what we will do today, but nothing fixed. So long as we get a decent walk and enjoy it, nothing else matters.

Heading down Dale beck

Beautiful day, the sun is in our eyes a lot this morning, but we're not complaining.

Lone Rowan on Silver Gill

Crossing Silver Gill

We find ourselves using 'proper' paths less and less on these Northern fells. It's a great way to avoid all the summit baggers and half term holiday makers! We had half a plan to go up Roughton Gill (seen here), but we've been up there before and decided to take a new route today. We went up Todd Gill instead. No path, just bits of sheep trods here and there.

Bit bright for taking photos ahead!

A bit of respite from the bright sun in our eyes as we walk in shadow for a while. There are lovely clear cascades all the way up here

Sorry about the shadow!

And again!

 At the top of Todd Gill we emerge onto Great Lingy Hill. As it's lunch time, it would be rude not to.......... so we head over towards Lingy Hut

The Eden valley was under the cloud when we left home this morning, it looks like it still is now. Bet Jay will be wishing she had come with us!!

Too nice to sit inside today, so we bring the bench out and have lunch in style

Snoozing in the sunshine (Breeze, not me)

As we were leaving Lingy Hut, cloud had started to blow in from the west

and by the time we reached High Pike we were surrounded. It was obviously just low cloud blowing through and wasn't going to last, but the temperature dropped by a good few degrees.

By the time we had dropped down into the start of Potts Gill we were back in the sunshine again

Goofy Spaniel and a Rowan tree in Potts Gill

Looking back up Potts Gill as we near the Cumbria way.
From here it was just a short step along the Cumbria way back to the car at Fellside. Around 7.5 miles all told. We did see a few folk today - but only when we were on the Cumbria way around the summits. Not bad for school holiday time!